Will of the Wind - 2003


WILL of the WIND - 2003



Like most years, my chase success or failures can often be attributed to the "will of the wind".  My very first chase day started off with a tornado intercept in northern Missouri on May 10th.  This was followed by only meager success during the next two weeks while working as tour director for Tempest Tour #2.  I returned to the plains during the first week in July and encountered severe storms almost daily.  Then on September 18th, I made a trip to the eastern shore of Virginia to intercept the northern periphery of Hurricane Isabel.  In total, I traveled over 18,000 miles in 2003 pursuing severe storms and captured over 800 minutes of raw video.  What you will see here has been condensed down to just 80 minutes.  Once again I have included several musical montages to add to your viewing enjoyment.  Here are some of the highlights included in the Will of the Wind:


5-10-03:     A supercell near the Indiana/Illinois border is followed by a close encounter with tornadogenesis and a ghostly white tornado near Monroe City, Missouri.

5-15-03:     The rotating updraft of a supercell is filmed in the Texas Panhandle, followed by a frenzied after dark evacuation from our hotel in Shamrock, Texas as a tornado approaches!

5-25-03:     Late day storms develop around Orla, Texas followed by torrential rain, hail, and nighttime lightning.

5-30-03:     Fantastic under the base structure and a few close lightning strikes are filmed in Morgan County, Colorado.

7-04-03:     Fabulous nighttime radio tower lightning is caught near Sioux City, Iowa just as the 4th of July begins!

7-05-03:    A high action chase near Elsmere, Nebraska featuring scud bombs, large hail, an 82 mph wind gust, a frantic escape attempt, and some of the most beautiful mammatus I have ever of my all time favorite chase days!

7-08-03:    A beautiful "stack of plates" storm in western South Dakota commands the viewers attention!

7-11-03:    An isolated and high based Cb near Last Chance Colorado finishes up my last day on the plains.

9-18-03:    A musical montage with plenty of rain, wind, trees down, and flooded road scenes from Hurricane Isabel.


The "Skylights" segment ends Will of the Wind with a moody music montage featuring some of the finest time lapsed captures from the 2003 chase season. 


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