Taken by Storm - 2010

A 2010 Chase Video Highlights Production

2010 Brian A. Morganti



Without a doubt, the 2010 chase season was my best experience since 2004.  In many ways the 2010 season was similar to that of 2004 in that it offered several significant "career" tornado days as well as many other days with nicely structured Supercells.  In 2004 I named my sixth chase highlights video "Taken by Storm - 2004" and in honor of that video my twelfth chase highlights production will share the same name.  It was an incredible season!


---Filmed Entirely in High Definition Video--- 

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12 Chapters in all include the following...


May 24 - Tornadoes - Howes to Faith, South Dakota

We made the long haul north in hopes of finding a tornado somewhere in northwest South Dakota and our efforts paid off big time!  Storms were moving fast that day but we managed to get in perfect position to watch a tornado form near Howes, SD and later move off towards Faith.  We then tried our luck about a hundred miles east and found a nicely sculpted supercell near Gettysburg, SD.  What an incredible day!    


May 31 - Tornadoes - Campo, Colorado

Tornado prospects weren't very high for this day but a supercell or two did appear likely for extreme southeast Colorado.  We were able to see a developing storm well off to our west from our approach in the Oklahoma Panhandle.  This became our target storm and we spent the next couple of hours watching this storm develop a few miles west of Campo, CO.  We followed this slow moving supercell eastward and watched it put down a highly contrasted tornado near highway 287.  From there we were able to stay ahead of the storm via a network of dirt roads which afforded us with several more views of the supercell and additional tornadoes.


June 2 - Supercells - Grant, NE to Colby, KS

We intercepted the first supercell of the day near Grant, Nebraska which gave us a nice show with a couple of dusty red gustnadoes.  We then move south to pursue other storms and eventually found a real beauty just north of Colby, Kansas!


June 3 - Shelf Cloud - Santee Indian Reservation - Nebraska

After blowing off storm farther north in South Dakota we headed south towards new convection.  Our target storm had been tornado warned but soon became outflow dominate and began to push out very photogenic shelf cloud structure.



June 10 - Tornado - Last Chance, Colorado

After working our way south along a line of storms we found the tail-end storm a little west of Last Chance, CO.  The storm soon took on a nicely sculpted look and a tornado soon began dangling from its base. 


June 20 - Tornado & Big Hail - Chugwater, Wyoming

A supercell in southeast Wyoming producing a nicely backlit tornado and then cuts off our escape path with giant hail to the size of baseballs and larger!


84 minutes of spectacular storms including time-lapsed sequences put to music. 

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