This years production was captured while chasing in the Plains states between May 22nd and June 9th, and again while on a monsoon "chase" vacation to the desert Southwest during the third week in August.  Segments from my first trip include storms such as the beautiful Crosby County Texas supercell on 5-27 and the massive supercell east of Lubbock Texas on 6-4.  These were filmed while I was serving as a tour director for Tempest Tour #3.  Then during August I was able to capture an incredibly beautiful monsoon thunderstorm and tons of highly branched lightning after dark on August 8th.  High grade VHS copies are dubbed directly from digital masters to assure the utmost in video and sound quality.  Here are a few highlights from Supercells or Bust:


5-22-02:    The Smith County "Sheriffnado" kicks off the season in Kansas.

5-23-02:    Brief tornadic spin-ups near Lipscomb, Texas are followed by the monstrous "Pampa Beast" Supercell!

5-27-02:    A beauty of a dryline supercell near Crosbyton, Texas.

5-28-02:    A very colorful storm and lightning on the Stockton Plateau in Pecos County, Texas.

5-30-02:    A fun day with dust devils, including a monster near Tulia, Texas!

6-01-02:    Curious north moving linear storms and a few close lightning strikes near Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

6-04-02:    A massive supercell near Lubbock, Texas.  Great structure, dust plumes, and a last minute escape!

6-09-02:    A very colorful nighttime light show near Hettinger, North Dakota time lapsed to music.

8-22-02:    A fabulous isolated thunderstorm following by some of my best lightning captures to date!


As usual, my "Skylights" music segment closes out the video.  This years ending includes a plethora of beautiful time-lapsed storms, cloud structure, sunsets, and lightning.  All VHS copies are dubbed directly from the digital master tapes in order to assure the finest sound and video quality.


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