Storms Eleven - 2009

A 2009 Chase Video Highlights Production

2009 Brian A. Morganti



Yet again I spent nearly seven weeks in May and June searching the Great Plains of the United States for the best storms.  May proved to be stormy but lacked the "big tornado days" that often occur in the southern or central plains during this time of year.  June storms ramped up in number and intensity and chasers enjoyed several significant, if not always tornadic, chase days. Two tornado days of note were recorded on both June 5th and June 17th.  The former was known as the "Lagrange, Wyoming" tornado that was widely made public by the media following the Vortex II project.  The later event near Aurora, Nebraska occurred right after the conclusion of Vortex II and was undoubtedly the highlight of the year for many chasers!  


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12 Chapters in all include the following...


May 13 - Supercell - Western Oklahoma

We targeted a tail-end supercell in Alfalfa County that formed along a broken line of severe storms that stretched northeast all the way to Illinois.  Although the storm wrapped up like a "top" it could not produce a tornado.  A fun chase day was had never-the-less!    


May 25 - Shelf Cloud - Perryton, Texas

After abandoning the pursuit of a supercell that was weakening to our south in Oklahoma, we set our sights on a menacing line of severe storms that was approaching Perryton, TX.    


June 5 - LaGrange, Wyoming Tornado

Although the tornado was in Wyoming we made our intercept from the east in Nebraska, south of the Harrisburg area.  We later followed this tornadic storm eastward to Dalton, Nebraska where it produced an incredible ground hugging wall cloud!


June 10 - Supercells - Southwest Kansas

The first storms went up just over the border in Colorado and then moved east into Kansas where the atmosphere was more unstable.  We had fun chasing the storms for awhile but they eventually overtook us as they became messy. 



June 11 - Twin Supercells - Southeast Colorado

A fun time was had by all as we chased two Supercells eastward across southern Colorado that were located directly to our north and south.  We ended the chase in Lamar just as the town was about to be swallowed up by the massive southern storm! 


June 14 - Tornadic Supercell - Haskell County, Kansas

A long-lived supercell tracks across Kansas and produces at least one tornado, then continues to move eastward into central Kansas. 


June 15 - Western Kansas Supercells & Slapout LP!

After tornado warned Supercells east of Dodge City turned ugly, I headed south looking for more isolated activity along the Oklahoma Panhandle border.  I found a beautiful LP (Low Precipitation) supercell just south of Slapout Oklahoma!

---Feature Segment---

June 17 - Gibbon - Aurora, Nebraska tornado!

A long-lived supercell produces a brief tornado near Shelton, Nebraska and then goes on to produce photographic storm structure which is topped off with an 18-minute long-tracked tornado that moves towards Aurora. 

66 minutes of spectacular storms including time-lapsed sequences put to music. 

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