The Storm Puppet - 2001





Storm "puppet" describes the way I felt during the 2001 chase season as I tried to do whatever it took to locate the best storms.  I once again made two trips to the plains, the first from May 13th until May 27th, and the second from June 30th until July 8th.  My first trip included 10 days working as a guide/driver for Tempest Tours.  Plenty of great storms were captured during both trips and are put together here for your viewing enjoyment.  All video was captured on miniDVCAM video equipment to assure the best possible quality.  Here are just some of the featured segments:


5-16-01:    Great structure and a rotating funnel cloud near Fairbury, Nebraska.

5-17-01:    A prettyview from Plainview Texas of developing storm towers near sunset.

5-18-01:    Very close lightning, ear splitting thunder, and hail covered roads right next to the Mt. Capulin volcano in NM!

5-19-01:    Muds and Bugs and Stuff, a frustrating yet very funny day near Ceevee, Texas.

5-20-01:    A nicely backlit tornado near Ada, Oklahoma!

5-24-01:    A massive shelf cloud and lots of colorful lightning made this day near Rocksprings, Texas.

5-27-01:    The famous southwest Kansas Haboob day is featured, watch and listen as we ride it out in near zero visibility.

7-01-01:    Watch us having fun trying to out manuver a few big hailstones near Broadwater, Nebraska.

7-03-01:    Fantastic storm colors and scenery captured in the Buffalo Gap and Ogalala National Grasslands in Nebraska and South Dakato...some really beautiful stuff!


In addition to several other music and time lapse segments, the "Coming Back for More" and "Skylights" musical montages are sure to please any storm enthusiast!


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