Storm Production - 1999  





Storm Production is my first full-scale video production and contains many classic chase scenes captured during the 1999 chase season, my third year chasing the plains states.  You will see plenty of steady tripoded and dash video featuring a nice variety of awesome wall and shelf clouds, storm structure, lightning, hail, dust plumes, and and even a couple of tornadoes!   The editing is very clean for 1999 technology, and features several musical montages to enhance your viewing enjoyment.  Some of the segments included in the quality video follow:


5-19-99:    A beautiful isolated thunderstorm is pursued across the eastern plains of New Mexico.

5-20-99:    This 20 minute segment features lots of blowing dust, gustnadoes, hail, lightning, and a pretty tornado over the Lake McClellen National Grasslands in the eastern Texas Panhandle.

5-22-99:    A large laminated shelf cloud is encountered on the western high plains of Kansas near Tribune.

5-24-99:    The "lost keys segment" filmed under the "whales mouth" in eastern New Mexico...a must see!

5-26-99:    The "Kermit Bell"... get up close to an ominous bell shaped updraft near Kermit, Texas.


A musical "Skylights" montage closes out this video by featuring several beautiful chase day sunset/cloud structure "endings" filmed on the Great Plains during the 1997, 1998, and 1999 chase seasons.


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