Storm Desire 2007

A 2007 Chase Video Highlights Production

2007 Brian A. Morganti



Similar to the 2006 chase season, I spent from early May to mid-June searching the Great Plains of the United States for the best storms.  Although the tornadoes were again largely absent during the Spring of 2007, so was the appearance of any prolonged "death ridge".  Also, whereas much of the plains was dry and dusty during the 2006 season, widespread moisture and flooding prevailed throughout the spring of 2007.  This added moisture helped assure an active storm season. Storm Desire 2007 features the best of those storms!    


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Featured Chases Include The Following...


May 4 - Supercell - Osborne County, KS

An isolated supercell forms in north-central Kansas a couple of hours before a devastating EF-5 nighttime tornado struck Greensburg, Kansas  farther to our south. 


May 19 - Shelf Cloud & Lightning - Broadus, MT

After making numerous stops to film an awesome shelf cloud in extreme southeast Montana, we are treated to a colorful display of lightning near sunset just east of Broadus, MT.   


May 22 - Supercells & Tornado - Wakeeney, KS

A beautifully sculpted supercell takes shape in north central Kansas prior to producing a cone-shaped tornado.  We then intercept and film a second supercell farther south before encountering a barrage of hail and severely flooded roads after nightfall! 


May 31 - Tornadic Supercell - Baca County, CO to Western OK PH

An impressive supercell nearly produces a tornado before drifting east across the western Oklahoma Panhandle.  We managed to stay south of this tornado warned storm and are treated to beautiful storm structure views to our north.  We eventually capture the rope-out stage of a tornado that was hidden from us by the heavy precipitation core to our north. 


June 1 - Tornado Warned Storm - Portales, NM

We managed to stay ahead of an intensifying supercell until a flat tire cut our chase short.  While waiting for the repairs I was able to film a pretty field of mammatus clouds as the storm drifted away to our east. 


June 11 - Supercell - Faith to Mobridge, SD

We capture a nicely sculpted supercell that develops east of Faith and then follow it east to Mobridge, SD.  We then stop several times along the way to film the pretty storm structure approaching us from the west. 


Storm Effects Music Montage - 2007

This closing musical video montage features the finest footage that I was able to capture during the 2007 chase season.  Many of the storm views are time-lapsed and were condensed from the nearly 20 hours of video I captured during the entire chase season.

66 minutes of spectacular storms including time-lapsed sequences put to music. 

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