Stealing Thunder - 2005

A 2005 storm chase highlights video

2005 Brian A. Morganti



"Stealing Thunder" is my 7th annual chase highlights production and reflects some of the best supercell storms I have witnessed to date.  Ride along as we encounter days filled with severe weather phenomenon including incredible supercells, tornadoes, lightning, and hail!



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Featured Chases Included

16 chapters in all - TRT 102 minutes

May 30 - Tornadic Storm - Des Moines, NM

High-based storms in Colorado keep us entertained with plenty of CG activity.  We later travel further south into New Mexico and intercept a tornadic storm near Des Moines.  A beautiful light show ends the day near Seneca. 


May 31 - Tornadic Storm - Amherst, TX

After playing around with several severe-warned storms, a dust shrouded tornadic storm is encountered in the western Texas Panhandle.  We later get blasted by blowing red dust plumes while driving west near Lubbock. 


June 2 - Sculpted Supercell - Arriba, CO

We blast back and forth along I-70 trying to decide on storms forming to our west in Colorado and a mega-storm potential to our east in Kansas.  Eventually a massive supercell  forms near Limon Colorado and  demands our attention. 


June 4 - Tornado - Severy, Kansas

A day between tours has our group scrambling north to Kansas in hopes of a tornadic intercept.  We managed to film a tornado while driving north near Severy just before the storms became messy. 



June 7 - Tornadic Supercell - Wanblee, SD

A beautiful rotating supercell is filmed near Badlands National Park.  This amazing storm puts on quite a show for us and then goes on to produce a couple of tornadoes.  Very Picturesque setting, one of the prettiest storms filmed to date!


June 11: Tornadic Supercells - Texas Panhandle

Numerous supercells produce large rotating wall clouds which result in at least two tornadoes near Wayside and Vigo Park, TX.  The menacing storms continue after dark with scary lowerings revealed by intense lightning. 


August 17 - Nebraska Supercells

A line of supercells develops parallel to I-80 near North Platte Nebraska.  After filming the life cycle of the first cell a second storm forms directly to my west and offers a great display of structure and lightning.   

102 minutes of spectacular storms including time-lapse sequences put to music. 

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