Seven Weeks of Thunder 2008

A 2008 Chase Video Highlights Production

2008 Brian A. Morganti



Once again I spent nearly seven weeks in May and June searching the Great Plains of the United States for the best storms.  A very stormy pattern was in place during this time and it is difficult to remember any days without storms!  Tornadoes were also a bit more abundant, but proved very elusive for this chaser, especially in western Kansas on the 22nd and 23rd of May.  On May 24th we struck "pay dirt" in northern Oklahoma when an isolated storm became a prolific tornado producer.  In the weeks that followed numerous hails storms, dust storms, and spectacular lightning storms were encountered along with a few more brief tornadic whirls. 



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Featured Chases Include The Following...


May 24 - Tornadoes - Northern Oklahoma

An isolated supercell in northern Oklahoma kept us entertained for hours with tornadoes, hail, and plenty of lightning.   


May 29 - Tornadic Supercell - Kearney, NE

An impressive and menacing wall cloud forms to the west of Kearney, NE.  We  followed this storm east as a rain-wrapped tornado hits the downtown area to our north.  


June 4 - Colorado Hailers - Yuma to Wray, CO

Two-foot deep hail drifts fill the streets of Yuma as a second storm threatens the town.    We then follow this storm east to Wray and experience more hail before watching the impressive supercell structure drift off to our east.


June 8 - Supercells and Tornadic Whirls - Western, OK

Supercells in western Oklahoma made for a fun day on my way north to Denver from Oklahoma City for the start of the next tour.  A few dusty spin-ups were observed, but the best was yet to come with an intense and beautiful lightning display. 


June 14 - Dusty Storms - Texas Panhandle

A fun time was had by all as we attempt to stay ahead of the dusty outflow from a severe storm to our north.  More storms form near sunset and put on a nice display of colors and lightning. 


June 15 - Supercell - Beaver, OK to Booker, TX

After taking our time to film a lazy storm near Beaver, OK the storm splits and sends a rapidly intensifying right moving storm racing to our south.  We intercept that storm near Booker, TX and watch an ominous storm base rotate just to our west.


June 24 - Severe Storms & Shelf Clouds - Dickinson, ND to Mobridge, SD

A severe storm is intercepted near the western ND/SD border and soon produces a large shelf cloud.  For the next several hours I attempt to outpace the storm southward and eventually film a massive and beautiful shelf cloud just west of Mobridge, SD.

72 minutes of spectacular storms including time-lapsed sequences put to music. 

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