Rock Cairns - Susquehanna County Pennsylvania

Simply explained, a rock cairn can be described as a "conical heap of stones built as a monument or landmark".  But a monument to what? A landmark to where?  Speculating the answers to these questions tends to promote only more questions.  Such is the case with the Susquehanna County cairns found on a remote wooded hillside far from any open fields or roads in northern Pennsylvania.  Who built them and why?  Were they made by native Americans in an attempt to clear their planting fields of rocks?  But if so, why would they go through such a great effort to stack them so meticulously that they would be able to withstand centuries of weathering?   Why were some built like giant beehives while others are pyramidal or cone-shaped?  Data recovery reveals few answers to this mystery, so I'll let the viewer of these photographs have fun coming to their own conclusions. 

All photos Brian A. Morganti

Cairn Stacked on Boulder Platform

Small Cairn on Hidden Boulder

Conical Platform Cairn and Wall

Cairn Balanced on Boulder

Flat Topped Cairn on Boulder

Conical Shale Cairn

Underground Spring with Lintel Rock

Spring Appears to Mark Apex of Cairn Field

Hillside Cairn Field w/Boulder Bases

Uphill view of Cairn Field

Conical & Columnar Cairn Field - View 1

Conical & Columnar Cairn Field - View 2

Flat Topped Conical & Beehive Cairns

Flat Topped Platform Cairn

Cairn Field Continues Uphill


Small Cairns & 4' Walking Stick

Hidden Cairn

Leaning Columnar Cairn - View 1

Leaning Columnar Cairn - View 2

Cairns on Small Plateau

Flat Top Cairn on Steep Hillside

Conical & Flat Top Cairns

Loosely Stacked Columnar Cairn

Tightly Stacked Beehive Cairn w/Column Beyond

Beehive Balanced on Boulder

Downhill Cairn View

Underground Spring & Cairn View 1

Underground Spring & Cairn View 2