Ohiopyle State Park - Western Pennsylvania Spring 2014

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Ohiopyle State Park

Fletcher Run Falls - Upper Jonathan Run Falls - Sugar Run Falls

Meadow Run Trail & Falls - Baughman Rock Overview

Nearby Covered Bridges

Monday May 5, 2014

Nancy and I wanted to return to Ohiopyle State Park to view the waterfalls once again, especially since there would be more water flowing over them during the months of Spring.  We also wanted to find and photograph Sugar Run Falls since I had misidentified them during our previous visit!  Our first day in the park was spent hiking to and photographing Fletcher Run Falls, the Upper Jonathan Run Falls, and lastly the Sugar Run Falls...which turned out to be easily accessible!


Fletcher Run Falls - Ohiopyle State Park:  This is a seasonal waterfall that is most active during the springtime of the year, or after a recent heavy rainfall.  I had visited this area previously in the fall when there was just barely a trickle of water dripping from the rock ledge.  I  first found it when I was searching for Sugar Run Falls as it is located off Sugar Run Trail, a few hundred yards from the intersection of Jonathan Run Trail. 


Jonathan Run Cascade - Ohiopyle State Park:  This small cascade of water is located a couple hundred yards below the Fletcher Run Falls along the Jonathan Run Creek.  During my previous visit to this area I had photographed this small waterfall and mistakenly identified it as the Sugar Run Falls.  I had assumed this was the Sugar Run Creek since it is located immediately below the Sugar Run Trail, when in fact it is the Jonathan Run Creek.  Downstream from this falls is found the lower Jonathan Run Falls which I photographed last Autumn.  The Upper Jonathan Falls is located just upstream from this image, as shown from above in the following image.



Upper Jonathan Run Falls - Ohiopyle State Park:  On my climb back from the "Jonathan Run Cascade" I heard a very audible rush of a larger waterfall a little farther upstream, which was to my left as I walked uphill.  I struggled uphill through some thick Laurel towards the waterfall sound and soon spotted these falls through a small opening in the Mountain Laurel.  I later figured out these were the Upper Jonathan Run Falls which are located a short distance off the Jonathan Run Trail, once going downhill from the Sugar Run Trail intersection.


Upper Jonathan Run Falls & Cascades - Ohiopyle State Park:  Fortunately we had a cloudy dreary day to photograph these falls.  Bright Sunny days may be great for hiking, but create contrasts from bright white to deep shadows that are simply beyond the range of our camera sensors to capture.  I first took this wide angle image to capture the cascades below the falls along the Jonathan Run.   Click here for a Autumn view of the Lower Jonathan Run Falls.


Upper Jonathan Run Falls - Closer View - Ohiopyle State Park:  I moved in a bit closer for this zoomed in view of these very pretty falls.  I had to set up my tripod precariously balanced on rocks as well as the stream bed in order to get the framing desired for this photograph.    Click here for a Autumn view of the Lower Jonathan Run Falls.


Sugar Run Falls - Ohiopyle State Park:  This is the falls I had hoped to find during my first visit to the park, and it is actually rather easy to find.  Once leaving the Upper Jonathan Run Falls or Lower Jonathan Run Falls  it is just a matter of following the Jonathan Run path to the bottom of the hill where it joins the much larger Great Allegheny Passage Trail along the Youghiogheny River.  The Kentuck Trail is located a short distance to the left, and a short walk up this trail leads you right to these falls.  You can then continue climbing the trail, which is rather steep at times, to the Mitchell Trail which will eventually lead you to the Old Mitchell Place Parking area.


Tuesday May 6, 2014

Our second and last day in the park was spent visiting the Baughman Rock Overlook, hiking the Meadow Run trail, and finding a few more covered bridges to photograph outside the park. 

Baughman Rock Overlook - Ohiopyle State Park:  We found ourselves in a thick early morning fog bank when we first entered the park, so we decided to climb Sugarloaf Road and see if we could get above the layer of fog.  We just reached the overlook when the fog lifted and the sun broke through which revealed the above views when looking back down into the valley.


Mayapple Patch - Ohiopyle State Park:  A field of fresh young Mayapple plants warm themselves in the bright morning sun near the Baughman Rock overlook after being drenched in the early morning fog.



Meadow Run Trail - Rock Cliffs - Ohiopyle State Park:  One of the many rock outcroppings that can be found while hiking along the Meadow Run Trail on the way to the Meadow Run "Cascades" waterfalls shown below.


Meadow Run - Ohiopyle State Park:  Nancy posing just above the Meadow Run Falls along the Meadow Run Creek.


 The "Cascades" of Meadow Run- Ohiopyle State Park:  The Cascades Waterfall can be found about half way around the Meadow Run loop trail. 


Kentuck Knob - Fayette County, PA:  A Frank Lloyd Wright house that we visited which is located very close to Ohiopyle State Park.  This is a view showing the back of the house and how it was built "into" the hill, rather than sitting on top of the hill. 

Kentuck Knob Patio - Fayette County, PA:  Here is a closer view of the house built into the hill as viewed from the adjoining patio.  The thin blue rod sculpture in the foreground is actually and wind chime!


Kentuck Knob Scenic View - Fayette County, PA:   This beautiful scenic view of the hills and farmland of Fayette County can be viewed from a short walking path that leads from the rear patio area of Kentuck Knob.

Kentuck Knob Collectables - Fayette County, PA:  Subsequent owners of Kentuck Knob brought many artifacts and sculptures from England to decorate the many acres surrounding their home.


Pack Saddle Covered Bridge - Somerset County, PA:  This is one of many photogenic covered bridges that can be found in southwestern Pennsylvania.  The waterfalls makes this one a little more unique however. 


Barronvale Covered Bridge - Somerset County, PA:  Also known as Barron's Mill Bridge is the longest covered bridge in Somerset County at 162' 3" long.  The bridge is of the Burr Truss design originally built in 1902 and is one of 10 historic bridges in Somerset County, PA.


Burkholder Covered Bridge - Somerset County, PA:  Here is another Burr Truss design bridge found in Somerset County.  The Burkholder Bridge crosses the Buffalo Creek and is also known as the Beechdale Bridge.  It was built in 1870 and is 52' long and 12' wide.


New Baltimore Covered Bridge - Somerset County, PA:  This bridge was built in 1879 and crosses the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River, it is 86' long and 12' wide.  The bridge is located along Road 812 in New Baltimore, Pa.


Turner's Covered Bridge - Bedford County, PA:  This is an 89' Burrs Truss bridge that crosses the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River.  It is located not far from Highway 31 and is drivable by car.


Herline Covered Bridge - Bedford County, PA:  Like the Turner's covered bridge, the Herline also crosses the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River and is located near the town of Manns Choice off highway 31 along Watson Road.  It was built in 1902, refurbished in 1997 and  is the longest bridge in Bedford County at 136 feet long.  It is drivable by car and is in excellent condition!

Ohiopyle State Park is a great getaway for any criminal defense attorney Cincinnati Ohio, even though the park is about a five hour drive from the city. Lawyers need to use their vacation time to de-stress, and Ohiopyle State Park is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some beautiful waterfalls.




Ohiopyle State Park - Jonathan Run Falls - Autumn 2013

Ohiopyle State Park - Cucumber & "Sugar Run Falls" - Autumn 2013

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