Astrophotography Brian A. Morganti


Milky Way

The following six images were all taken from a fixed tripod using a full-frame Canon 5D and a 15mm  f2.8 "fish-eye" lens.  The camera was set to a bulb exposure of 30 seconds and ISO 1600.  These images were taken from a very dark sky area in the Adirondacks of upstate New York with a Bortle dark sky rating of 2.  The light dome seen in the lower left corner on a few of the images is actually  from the city of Syracuse, NY 100 miles to the southwest, and was not visible to the naked eye!  Jupiter is the bright "star" to the left of the Milky Way.


The following two images of the Milky Way were taken from a dark sky site in the Adirondacks of New York by pointing the camera towards the zenith.  Both images were tracked using an TT-320X-AG AstroTrac and a Canon EOS T1i DSLR and processed in Images Plus 3.82b and Photoshop CS4.


15mm Fisheye - iso800 - two 2 1/2 minute tracked exposures @ 42F


35mm - iso800 - two 2 1/2 minute tracked exposures @ 42F


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