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 LDN 673 - Dark Cloud Nebula

Dark Nebula



Lynd's Dark Nebula 673 (or LDN 673) is a very dense and highly fractured dark cloud complex in the Aquila Rift (near to its center). It is located some 400 500 light-years from Earth. Situated against the Milky Ways faint starlight, LDN 673 contains raw material to form a huge number of new stars.  The dust in these molecular clouds scatters the blue light from these stars, giving the surrounding stars a yellow-red color bias.

LDN 673 has an apparent size of 1.5 x 1 degrees, which corresponds to a real size of 15 x 10 light-years in space.

North is to the right in this image.


  • Date & Location:  August 8, 2015 - StarEffects Observatory, Bernville. PA

  • Weather:  Calm winds, average temp of 59F

  • Sky Conditions:  Clear with Average Transparency. 

  • SQM-L:  Start to Finish 20:41 - 20:53

  • Optics:  TeleVue NP101is 540mm w/Field Flattener @ f5.4

  • Filter:  Astronomic  EOS clip-in CLS (Light Pollution Suppression)

  • Mount:  AP900GTO

  • Guiding:  TeleVue TV60is - Orion Star Shoot AG - 5 second exp - very good graph

  • Camera:  Canon 6D AstroHutech Modified- Full Frame DSLR

  • Exposure:  50 x 4min ISO1600  (total 3 hours 20 min)

  • Calibration Frames:  Darks, Bias 60F - 10 Flats/Dark Flats Used acquired w/Alnitak Flat Man

  • Processing:    Images Plus 5.75a, PS CS6, GradientXTerminator, NIK filter tools 

  • Comments:  Dark Nebula are one of my favorite targets and this first time using my Canon 6DH on this type of target.  As always, more images and a darker sky would result in more detail, but overall rather pleased with the results. 

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