Just Another Chase Day - 2000





Just Another Chase Day features the highlights from my trips to the Plains states during the 2000 chase season.  Trip One includes chase action from the southern and central plains between May 21st and June 1st.  Trip Two was filmed primarily in the northern plains between June 24th and July 3rd.  Just Another Chase Day is my second full featured chase video production and my first captured and edited entirely on digital equipment.  Several time lapse and music segments are included.  Here are a few highlights from Just Another Chase Day:


5-11-00:    A major tornado event from Waterloo, Iowa was captured and contributed by David Fogel.

5-16-00:    A golden sunset sets the backdrop for the Dwyer, Wyoming tornado, contributed by David Fogel.

5-24-00:    The "Wheeler Bell"...fantastic structure and lightning over the Texas Panhandle.

5-26-00:    Splitting storms, severe winds and hail, and a fun time is had by all in NW Texas and SW Oklahoma.

5-27-00:    A pretty, white funnel cloud near Loving, Texas.

5-29-00:    A fantastic multi-tiered shelf cloud over the Nebraska Sand Hills.

5-30-00:    Tornado sirens blare as we try to navigate thru Des Moines, Iowa during rush hour.  Plenty of lightning action!

7-02-00:    Menancing shelf clouds, great storm structure, and a rare bow echo tornado with funnel center lightning are featured in my first ever Montana Chase adventure!

7-03-00:    Another great structure day in Montana, and some footage of David Hoadley in action!


My Skylights segment closes out this video with five minutes of great time lapse video including lightning, colorful storm structure, and beautiful northern plains sunsets all set to music. 


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