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NGC 869/884 - Double Cluster




The Double Cluster is visible from rural areas as as a faint patch between the constellations Cassiopeia and Perseus.  One of the finest objects accessible to small telescopes, the two clusters glitter as a pair of matched celestial jewels.  Several Red Giant stars can be identified in the above photograph.


  • Date & Location:  October 19, 2009 - Bernville, PA

  • Weather:  Calm wind - 38F.

  • Sky Conditions:  Clear with average transparency. 

  • Optics:  TeleVue TV60is Refractor (360mm -f/6) with field flattener.

  • Filter:  Hutech IDAS-LPS (Light Pollution Suppression)

  • Mount:  Losmandy G-11 equatorial with Gemini V4

  • Guiding:  None

  • Camera:  Canon T1i (500D) Hap Griffin Modified - Baader UV/IR

  • Exposure:  16 min (4 x 4 min) @ ISO 800, RAW

  • Calibration Frames:  In camera dark frame subtraction

  • Processing:  Photoshop CS4, Noise Ninja, NIK 

  • Comments:  This is one of my first light images that was tracked, but not guided.  Polar alignment was off in part due to an off center reticle in my polar alignment scope and PEC was needed as well.



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