Cuyahoga Valley National Park


All Photographs Brian & Nancy Morganti

Waterfalls of Cuyahoga National Park, Ohio 

Freedom Falls - Venango County, Pennsylvania

Autumn 2014

October 13 - 16, 2014

Nancy and I had the pleasure of visiting Cuyahoga Valley National Park just south of Cleveland, Ohio during the peak of northern Ohio's fall foliage season.  We spent three days touring and hiking the park in search of its many waterfalls and other points of interest.  The weather was rather mild and rainy during much of this period which was great for photography.  We also spent part of our time visiting all of the famous covered bridges of Ashtabula County located in far northeastern Ohio.  Our last day was spent finishing up the covered bridge tour (see link bottom of this page) and visiting the beautiful "Freedom Falls" which are located in a remote area of northwestern Pennsylvania. 

Brandywine Falls View 1:  This is no doubt the most famous, and most visited waterfall in Cuyahoga NP since it is easily accessible.  This view was taken from the main boardwalk viewing area during the late afternoon.  Fortunately, there was a thin overcast and no direct sunlight was shining on the falls.   


Brandywine Falls View 2:  This view is looking down from the opposite side of the falls.  Viewing from this angle requires a bit of a risk getting into position for a good view since there is no dedicated viewing area.  The main deck viewing area can be seen on the right.


Brandywine Falls View 3:   This view was taken from the plate rocks overhanging a cliff high above the falls across from the usual viewing platforms. 


Blue Hen Falls View 1:  Blue Hen Falls is more remote than Brandywine and far less visited, but is still relative easy to find via a short hike.  We waited until early evening for this one to assure no direct sunlight would be entering the view. 


Blue Hen Falls View 2A view from below the falls requires a short, but steep and slippery descent down to the streambed.


Blue Hen Falls View 3:  This short time exposure reveals a "leaf swirl" pattern created by a couple of small whirlpools at the base of the falls.  


Bridal Veil Falls:  This is another waterfalls that is easy to access via a short walking path.


Woodland Falls:  This un-named falls is located upstream from the Bridal Veil Falls. 



Linda Falls:  Even though it is barely a trickle, this lesser known falls is well worth the effort to locate.  In fact, the park rangers I talked with did not know of its existence even though it is listed on the park's website!  The cavernous basin carved out by this small falls alone made it one of my favorites!


Woodland Stream Leaf Swirl:  A swirling patch of autumn leaves created this colorful palette at the base of a small woodland stream waterfall. 


Great Falls:  This 25 foot high waterfalls is located along Tinkers Creek and is usually viewed from above via a paved viewing area.  To view from below requires climbing over large rocks and boulders along the streambed that are quite slippery and difficult to navigate.


Freedom Falls View 1:  Freedom Falls is located in a remote area of Venango County Pennsylvania and one that I very much had wanted to photograph.  The late day low-light conditions in the deep woods beneath overcast skies were perfect to create the image I had hoped capture.


Freedom Falls View 2 Another view taken from a narrow ledge near the base of the falls.


Freedom Falls View 3 A wider view farther downstream as you first approach the falls.

Freedom Falls View 4 A similar view to the first one above, but with a slightly different "feel" showing more of the rocky foreground and water in motion. 

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