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Comet  Oukaimeden C/2013 V5

September 2014


Comet Oukaimeden C/2013 V5 was discovered in November 2013 at an observatory in Marrakech, Morocco.  The comet was slowly brightening in early September when this image was taken as it was located in the constellation of Monoceros.  Unfortunately, as the comet brightens it will also be heading south and with each passing day it will gradually be lost in the morning twilight.  I wanted to get a least one glimpse of this departing traveler, as it won't be back for another 6,000 years!

September 4, 2014 5:00am EDT

Comet Oukaimeden C/2013 V5

Magnitude +6.5    TeleVue NP101s 540mm f5.4 - T1i Unguided    7 - 1 minute exposure @ ISO 1600



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