Colorado Wild Flowers 2014

All Photographs Brian & Nancy Morganti

Slate River Road - Washington Gulch Road - Paradise Divide

Cement Creek Road - Snodgrass Trail

Friday July 11, 2014

We awoke a little earlier in order to photograph the wildflower meadows before they were in full sunshine.  Our first stop was a few miles up Slate River Road where I was able to capture a few early light scenes.  We then continued up Slate River Road to where it becomes Washington Gulch Road at Forest Road 734 which then continues up to Paradise Divide near Schofield Pass.  After enjoying the awesome views there,  we descended the mountain high terrain via Washington Gulch Road back to Crested Butte.  We finished up the day exploring Cement Creek Road before heading back to Washington Creek Road and Snodgrass Trail as late day storms once again were ending the day.  Just like the day before, we got to enjoy another pretty double rainbow shortly before sunset. 

Morning Meadow - Slate River RoadEarly morning vista a few miles up Slate River Road near the Oh-Be-Joyful trail head.


Wild Flowers and Valley View - Slate River Road:  An early morning view looking north along the Slate River Valley.


Morning Light - Slate River RoadThe early morning light enhanced the colors of these Orange Sneezeweed and Red Fairy Trumpets. 


Slate River Road Hillside WildflowersThis view of Lupine, Columbine, & Sneezeweed was found by climbing a steep hillside adjacent to Slate River Road a few miles north of Crested Butte. 


Slate River Road Hillside Wildflowers #2:  Sneezeweed predominate this view just a short distance from where the previous image was taken.


Washington Gulch RoadAs you climb higher and higher up Slate River Road it eventually merges with Washington Gulch Road and becomes rather steep and narrow at times. 


Scenic View - Washington Gulch Road This mid-morning scene was captured while ascending Washington Gulch Road.


Cinnamon Mountain - Paradise Divide:   A small pond reflects the colors of Cinnamon Mountain on top of Paradise Divide.



Paradise Divide View:  A majestic view can be found at a small pull off  near the crest of the Paradise Divide.


Paradise Divide Sign:  A battered and snowplowed sign atop Paradise Divide.


 Paradise Divide:  Also referred to as Paradise Basin or Paradise Pass.  This view is looking towards down the Paradise Basin towards Schofield Pass along Forest Road 734.


Corydalis Mountain ViewA large patch of multi-colored Corydalis wild flowers as viewed from Washington Gulch Road 811 below Schofield Pass.

Blue Columbine Solitaire:   A delicate Blue Columbine wild flower stands in sharp contrast to the mountain backdrop along Washington Gulch Road.


Valley View - Washington Gulch Road:   Cow Parsnip dominate this hillside view overlooking Crested Butte as an afternoon thunderstorm dumps rain on the valley. 


Cement Creek Road A small waterfall crosses underneath Cement Creek Road which is located a few miles south of Crested Butte.


Rock Garden - Cement Creek Road Colorful displays of mountain wild flowers can be found along the steep rocky banks next to Cement Creek Road.


Pocket Gopher "Eskers" These tube-like structures are the work of Gophers searching for delicate roots as they tunnel beneath the snow and ground.  During the summer these tunnels get pushed to the surface to form curious looking mounds.


Aspens & Lupine:   These Aspens Trees and purple Lupines are located along Snodgrass Trail near Washington Gulch Road.


Aspen Trunks & Lupines:  A beautiful setting of Lupines and Aspen tree trunks along Snodgrass Trail.  The white petals of the Lupines indicate that they have already been pollinated.


Full Arch Double Rainbow A shower from a late day storm produced this full arched double rainbow a few miles south of Crested Butte near sunset.

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