Colorado Wild Flowers 2014

All Photographs Brian & Nancy Morganti

Gothic Road - East Fork of West Maroon Pass Trail

Washington Gulch Road

Thursday July 10, 2014

We started our first full day in the Crested Butte area by heading up Gothic Road towards the base Gothic Mountain to photograph wild flowers in the open meadows.  We then continued up Gothic Road to the East Fork of West Maroon Pass trail where we hiked into the Alpine Meadows in search of more wild flowers views.  Monument Plants and Columbine seemed to be most prevalent here.  After returning to Crested Butte we took a short drive into Washington Gulch Road for more open meadow wild flower vistas.  Late day storms later gave us some pretty rainbow scenes in and around the town of  Crested Butte.

Wild Flower Medley - Gothic MountainThe mid-morning sun illuminates a medley of  pretty wild flowers near the base of Gothic Mountain. 


Lupine Meadow:  Lupines spread out in a meadow south of Gothic Road opposite Gothic Mountain.


Lupines - Gothic Mountain:  A patch of multi-colored Lupines near the base of Gothic Mountain.


East River & Crested Butte:  This view of the Crested Butte can be found along Gothic Road where it crosses the east River.


East River Another view from Gothic Road looking north at the East River.


Alpine Meadow Portrait:  A portrait of meadow wild flowers as photographed along the East Fork of West Maroon Pass Trail.


East Fork West Maroon Pass Trail:  Monument Plants and Blue Columbine dominate this hillside view along the East Fork of  Maroon Pass Trail.


Alpine Meadow:  A sweeping Alpine meadow view along the East Fork of West Maroon Pass trail.  A few Paintbrush and Columbine are displayed in the foreground. 



Photographing the Wild Flowers:  Here I am photographing the wild flowers found along the East Fork of West Maroon Pass Trail. 


Monument PlantsMonument Plants share this hillside along the East Fork of West Maroon Pass Trail with Blue Columbine and Orange Sneezeweed.


 Fairy Trumpets - Washington Gulch Road:  Fairy Trumpets dominate in this late afternoon view from Washington Gulch Road a little northwest of Crested Butte.


Black-Eyed Susans - Washington Gulch Road:  A meadow of yellow wild flowers viewed from Washington Gulch Road near the town of Crested Butte.

Crested Butte Resort & Crested Butte Mountain Nancy photographed this view of the Crested Butte during the late afternoon. 


Aspen & Wild Flower Hillside Black-Eyed Susans & Fairy Trumpets proliferate beneath the Aspen trees  just off Gothic Road. 


Double Rainbow in Town:   A brilliant double rainbow appears during a brief summer shower in downtown Crested Butte.


Double Rainbow & Crested Butte Mountain:   A double rainbow shines brightly in front of Crested Butte Mountain just north of town. 


Double Rainbow Close Up:   A closer view of this brilliant rainbow as it appeared a little north of downtown Crested Butte.

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