Colorado Wild Flowers 2014

All Photographs Brian & Nancy Morganti

Cottonwood Pass - Lake Irwin

Kebler Pass Road

Wednesday July 9, 2014

Nancy and I headed west from Buena Vista by way of route 306 and the Cottonwood Pass on our way to Crested Butte.  The Lupines were in full bloom just west of Cottonwood Pass and we stopped many times to enjoy them.  We continued to Jacks Cabin south of Crested Butte and then west on Kebler Pass Road to the Lake Irwin area.  Although there were a few pretty scenes, the wildflowers were a bit sparse around Lake Irwin...perhaps we were here a bit early in the season.  We then continued west on Kebler Pass Road were we did find several patches of mountain wild flowers that were in full bloom! 


Ranch BuildingsWe came across this rural scene along  highway 24 near Hartsel Colorado about 15 miles east of Buena Vista.


Cottonwood Pass:  This view is looking west from the parking area atop Cottonwood Pass. There were a few wildflowers here, but the view is what commanded our attention.


Cottonwood PassNancy standing next to the Continental Divide sign getting ready to start taking her wild flower photos.


Cottonwood PassHere I'm facing east next to a snow bank.  The well-maintained road leading up to the pass can be seen in the foreground.


Lupine:  Many patches of Lupine such as this one were in full bloom along unpaved highway 209 as we descended from Cottonwood Pass. 


Woodland LupineNancy photographed this pretty scene of the Lupines that blossomed throughout the woodlands below Cottonwood Pass.


Creek Side Wild FlowersWe found this patch of Fairy Trumpets blooming along the Pass Creek below Cottonwood Pass.


Lupine & CowsNancy used the Lupines growing along the fence line to frame these grazing cattle near Jacks Cabin, CO. 



Columbine - Lake Irwin Area:  A lonely cluster of Columbine stand out against the mountain backdrop near Lake Irwin.


Mountain Induced Updraft Towers-Lake Irwin Area:  Although there were no wild flowers in this scene, I felt compelled to photograph the dramatic cloud towers that became part of the view each afternoon.


 Aspen & Wildflower View - Kebler Pass:  Many "painted" views such as this were found west of Lake Irwin along the Kebler Pass Road.


Wild Flower PortraitLupine, Fairly Trumpet, and Black-Eyed Susan plants were abundant in the meadows adjacent to Kebler Pass Road.

Wild Flower Meadow - Kebler Pass Road:   A mountain meadow full of Black-Eyed Susan contrast with an Aspen forest along Kebler Pass Road.

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