Colorado Wild Flowers 2014

All Photographs Brian & Nancy Morganti

Colorado Wildflower Gallery

Crested Butte Region


The following gallery includes many of the wild flowers we encountered during our four day visit in and around the Crested Butte region.  They are shown in no particular order.

We were able to accurately identify most of the following wild flowers by comparing them with various Colorado wild flower guide books as well as several online resources.  Most should be correct but the possibility exists that a few may have been misidentified.




Alpine Sunflower


Blue Columbine

Aspen Sunflower




Fairy Trumpet





Kings Crown


Sneezeweed & Monument Plant




Kings Crown



Orange Paintbrush


Purple Phacelia

Seed Tuft


Sulfur Paintbrush


Aspen Daisy

Blue Columbine & Buds


Blue Flax & Mosquito


Corydalis Cluster

Cow Parsnip


Fabaceae Pea Pods


Glacier Lily

Golden Yellow Parsnip




Orange Sneezeweed

Rosy Paintbrush

Western Wallflower


Sub-Alpine Larkspur


Tall Chiming Bells


Wild Blue Flax


Butter & Eggs

White Geranium



Creamy Buckwheat - Umbrella Plant



Explorer's Gentian


Fairy Trumpet Patch


Lance leaf Chiming Bells Cluster


Wild Geranium Cluster

Parry Harebell


Wild Rose


Tall Chiming Bells

Indian Paintbrush


Lance Leaf Chiming Bells


Orange Sneezeweed & Raindrops

Pink Yarrow

Scarlet Paintbrush




Blue Columbine Trio

Glacier Lily




Wild Blue Flax & Buds


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