Chase Season - 2006 "I Shoulda Stood in Bed"

 a 2006 chase highlights production

2006 Brian A. Morganti



Chase Season 2006 "I Shoulda Stood In Bed" is my 8th annual chase highlights production and features the best storms from my 45 days storm chasing on the Great Plains.  Although there were plenty of days with little reason to get out of our beds (including the "death ridge" from May 10th - May 23rd), that's not to say there were no storms to be found.  There were several days when good storms could be found and a few of these were spectacular!  Ride along with me for the next 76 minutes to find out what Mother Nature had to offer in 2006!


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Featured Chases Include The Following

12 chapters in all - TRT 76 minutes


May 3 - Severe Storm - Petersburg, TX

After getting cut off from a large supercell to our south, we headed west and intercepted a line of severe storms near Lubbock.  Along the way severe outflow winds roll a large round water trough across the road in front of us! 


May 5 - Tornadic Supercell - Dawson/Martin County, TX

A supercell is intercepted east of Hobbs, NM and intensifies as we pursue it eastward.  After getting pelted by hail we are east of the storm and afforded with spectacular structure views back to our west.  Gustnadoes and a brief, but very close, developing tornado are filmed prior to more awesome structure views at sunset. 


May 23 - Tornadic Storms - Meadow Grove to Pilger, NE

After nearly two weeks with no storms, we finally got a chance to see some severe weather in eastern Nebraska.  We were able to intercept an imbedded strong cell near Meadow Grove just as it produced a forward flank tornado.  We followed the storm further east where it produced another weak tornado near Pilger. 


May 28 - Haboob! - Hemingford, NE

Chances for supercells diminished as the day wore on, so we targeted a line of messy storms moving into western Nebraska.  One of the storms to our south suddenly exploded in strength and kicked up a massive amount of blowing dust in our direction.  We soon became the "chased" and wound up experiencing the most exciting chase day of the season! 


May 30 - Lightning Storm - Roger Mills County, OK

A very pretty storm in southwestern Oklahoma entertained us for hours.  As the evening progressed the CG activity increased and gave us plenty of photographic opportunities.  Don't miss the incredibly close "flash/bang" sequence at the end of this chapter!


June 8 - Severe Storm - Custer County, MT

We intercepted a severe storm in remote Custer County and watched it take on a nice circular shape to our south.  Later, we watched another storm rapidly develop dramatic cloud base structure nearly overhead!


Skylights Music Montage - 2006

This closing musical video montage features the finest footage that I was able to capture during the 2006 chase season.  This "best of" 6.5 minute time-lapsed video segment was extracted from over 22 hours of raw footage captured during my 45 days on the Plains. 

75 minutes of spectacular storms including time-lapsed sequences put to music. 

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