White Sands - New Mexico

Big Bend Region - Texas

All Photographs Brian & Nancy Morganti

  White Sands National Monument

 Big Bend National Park

Big Bend Ranch State Park

Various Visits 2008, 2009, 2012, & 2013

 A few of my favorite photographs from these regions, mostly taken on "down days" while on storm chasing trips to the Great Plains. 

Grasses & Sand Ripples - White Sands New Mexico - May 2013 :  An unblemished view of rippled sand and dunes stretching to the horizon in the late day sun.  White Sands National Monument. 


Sand & Grass Tuft - White Sands New Mexico - May 2013:.  A small island of sand held together by grass roots dominants this late day view the sands and grasses.


Sand Dunes & Mountains - White Sands New Mexico - May 2012:  The blinding white sand during mid-day is white as fresh fallen snow, a sharp contrast to the distant mountains. 


 A Sea of Dunes at Sunset - White Sands New Mexico - May 2013:   These rolling dunes seem to take on their own light shortly after sunset.


First View - Big Bend NP Entrance Road - May 2008:   Nancy photographs a scenic vista along the desolate entry road leading into Big Bend National Park. 


Desert Cacti & Ocotillo - Big Bend NP - May 2008::  A scenic view of colorful desert flora stretching across the desert floor to one of the many tall buttes found within the park.


Ocotillo Butte View - Big Bend NP - May 2008:    The late afternoon sun warms this fine Ocotillo plant and the red butte beyond. 


Salt Deposits - Big Bend NP - May 2008:  An interesting view of salt deposits that have been pushed up from below, and then worn down by wind and summer rain storms. 


Scenic View - Big Bend NP  - May 2008:   A pleasing view overlooking the high desert and rugged mountainous terrain, all being warmed by a late afternoon sun. 



Sweeping View - Big Bend NP - May 2008:  Desert plants and rugged mountain peaks are bathed in the glow of the late day sun on a warm spring afternoon. 


Painted Mountains - Big Bend NP - May 2008:  Rugged mountain peaks take on an array of beautiful pastel colors as sunset approaches.


Rugged Terrain - Big Bend NP - May 2008:  A west facing array of hills and escarpments soaks up the last rays of sunshine and takes on a golden glow of its own.


Sunset Cliffs & Moon - Big Bend NP - May 2008:  The setting sun sets these cliffs ablaze with color as a nearly full moon rises above.


Sunset Cliffs & Moon 2 - Big Bend NP - May 2008:   Another view of the sunlit cliffs and moon taken a short time later from a slightly different viewing angle. 


Rugged Terrain at Dusk - Big Bend NP - May 2008 The higher terrain catching the final sunlight of the day.


Last Light - Big Bend NP - May 2008A panoramic view of the desert and mountains bathed in "magic light" well after sunset.


Rio Grande River View - Big Bend Ranch SP - May 2008:  A grand view of the Rio Grande river valley running through Big Bend Ranch State Park, bringing a touch of green to the desert.


Painted Desert Sculpture - Big Bend Ranch SP - May 2008Nature's painted desert sculpture found along Highway 170 near Lajitas, Texas. 


Lava Dykes & Desert Grasses - Big Bend Ranch SP - May 2008A contrasting view of rugged lava cliffs and lush green desert grasses, cacti, and flowers.


Slot Canyon View - Big Bend Ranch SP - May 2008A mid day walk through a cool slot canyon found along Highway 170 between the small hamlets of Lajitas and Redford, Texas.


Church of San Jose Del Polvo - Redford TX - Big Bend Ranch SP - May 2008An old church found on the dusty streets of Redford, Texas just off Highway 170. 


Adobe Ruins - Big Bend Ranch SP - May 2008 The sun baked ruins of an old Adobe structure found in the hamlet of Redford, Texas. 


Old Church "Contrabando" - Big Bend Ranch SP - May 2009This old church sits just above the Rio Grande River and was used as a  setting for several western movies.


Adobe Hut "Contrabando" - Big Bend Ranch SP - May 2009:  Like the old church above, this adobe hut is part of the "Contrabando" movie setting used for several old western movies. 


Rio Grande River Tributary - Big Bend NP - May 2013:  Bright mid-day sun illuminates the tall cliffs above the muddy waters of a small river that flows into the Rio Grande. 


Yucca Valley View - Big Bend NP - May 2013:  A portrait view of the colorful flora and cliffs that are so abundant through the Big Bend region. 


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