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 White Pocket - Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

October 2017

October 12, 2017

White Pocket is a remote location with truly amazing rock colors and formations that sees little foot traffic.  But it does take some time and effort to get there.  After reaching House Rock Valley Road 39 miles east of Kanab, you first travel south about 20 miles.  House Rock Valley Road is a rough, wash-boarded road that is prone to washouts.  The last leg of the trip into White Pocket is only 16 miles, but will take 90 minutes to complete!  A high-clearance 4x4 is necessary as you will be driving through deep sand via series of one lane trails.  There are no services nor any cell phone service, you are on your own should something go wrong.  But again, the colorful and twisted rock formations along with a high solitude factor make this one a highlight to long be remembered.

White Pocket - First LookA sandy trail leads about 100 yards from the parking area and from there you are free to explore in any direction along the colorful slickrock.  The above scene is one of the first amazing rock formations that comes into view. 


White Pocket - Northwest View:.  This view looking to the northwest takes advantage of the late day sun and shadows from a high plateau near the western edge of White Pocket.  A satellite view of this region reveals a bright white pocket surrounded by a darker landscape, thus the name.


White Pocket - Southeast Vista The late day sun enhances the bizarre and twisted rock formations that are found throughout White Pocket.


White Pocket - Rock Cove:   Contours of reddish-orange strata cut across many of the "brain rocks" such as the ones above that dominate the view though out White Pocket.


White Pocket - East View:   Surreal cone rocks and twisted rock strata make one wonder "just what happened here", which apparently Geologists are still trying to figure out.  


White Pocket - Swirled Cliffs:   A view of the bizarre reddish-orange swirled rock pattern that dominates many of the sandstone cliffs found in White Pocket.  Here, these cliffs stands out in stark contrast to the landscape beyond.


White Pocket - Stripes & Contours The footsteps in sand reveal that others have been here, but given the distance from main highways and difficulty of getting here few take the effort to visit.


White Pocket - Cone Rock:  The striped pattern along the base of a cliff leads to one of the many cone-like rock formations that are common throughout the area.


White Pocket - Patterns & Toadstool:  A wider angle view to the north showing amazing rock formations and the diversity of plant life that manage to survive here. 


White Pocket - Toadstool RockA closer view of a lone toadstool amid a bizarre landscape of rock strata patterns. 


White Pocket - Brain RocksA late day look at a series of cross-bedded sandstone "brain rocks" .


White Pocket - Landscape ViewA wide angle view highlighting the beautiful patterns found in the cross-bedded sandstone and the unworldly view beyond!


White Pocket - Late Day View:   Large mounds of warped white and red sandstone dominated this view to the northwest. 


White Pocket - Brain Rock View Another view from atop a large mound of cross-bedded sandstone as the sun begins to set.


White Pocket - Folded Blankets These "folded blankets" of sandstone make it easy to climb and hike into the recesses of White Pocket.


White Pocket - Lone TreeA lone tree growing out of the folded sandstone rock "blankets" being backlit by the setting sun. 

White Pocket - Moonscape View An eerie and unworldly landscape illuminated in the last vestiges of light after sunset.


White Pocket - Final Look My last look at White Pocket was the same as my first look a few hours earlier.  Although the view is nearly identical to the first image in this series, the magic light after sunset imparted a beautiful soft glow to the scene. 


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