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 The Toadstools - Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

October 2017

October 11, 2017

The Toadstools, also referred to as the Rimrock Hoodoos, are located 45 miles east of Kanab to the north of Highway 89 and are part of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.  A one mile hike through a sandy wash leads you to the Toadstools, a unique collection of rock formations and hoodoos.  We arrived here during the early evening hours when the late day sun illuminated the hoodoos in their most vivid colors!

Toadstools - View 1These were among the first toadstools to come into view, and were among the most impressive with nicely contrasting colors against the sandstone cliffs in the background. 


The Toadstools - View 2:.  An impressive hoodoo in the late day sun that was made famous in many travel guides and post cards of the southwest.  Notice the large protective Capstone balanced on top!


The Toadstools - View 3 A wider angle view from atop the Toadstool plateau looking to the east. 


The Toadstools - View 4:  A rather large Toadstool has an equally large and impressive Capstone nicely balanced on top!  Notice its "little brother" to the right.


The Toadstools - View 5:   A couple of short hoodoos frames the view into the entrance wash from Highway 89.  The toadstool on the left sports a rather large protective Capstone while the one on the right has lost theirs and is in the process of eroding at a faster pace.


The Toadstools - View 6:   A nice cluster of toadstool hoodoos in the setting sun.


The Toadstools - Final Look :  A departing look at the toadstools and colorful rock strata just as the sun began to set. 


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