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 Bryce Canyon Area - The Nautilus

October 2017

October 11, 2017

Today was mostly a travel day from Capitol Reef south to Kanab, Utah via Highways 12 & 89.  Along the way we passed through parts of Bryce and Red Canyon and stopped to take a few photos.  From Kanab we continued east 44 miles on Highway 89 to search for the mysterious and little known Sandstone formation known as "The Nautilus".

Bryce Canyon Hoodoos:  Although not a match for the scenes found with the main part of Bryce Canyon National Park, these sunlit Hoodoos along Highway 12 were still were a quick photo stop.


Red Canyon & Moon:.  Red Canyon can also be found along Highway 12 and features a nice variety of red canyons, spires, and hoodoos...but is often passed by in favor of the much more popular Bryce Canyon.


Dry wash leading to The Nautilus:  Nancy takes a brief break as we enjoy the sandstone rock strata on our hike to the Nautilus, which we missed on our first pass.


The Nautilus - Top Inlet View:   The hike and searching was worth it!  Looking down into the amazing sandstone corkscrew known as the Nautilus, formed from thousands of years of water rushing though, and eroding the soft sandstone. 


The Nautilus - Top Inlet Wider View:   Here is a wider angle view as you approach the top of the Nautilus, which is located a relatively short distance above the dry wash.  Nancy actually found it as I was about ready to give up the search!


The Nautilus - Bottom Outlet:   Nancy stands at the bottom of the Nautilus, where the walls have been worn smooth by many years of fast exiting water.


The Nautilus - Bottom Outlet Wider View :  A wide angle view showing the beautiful rock strata near the water exit region of the Nautilus.  The footprints reveal that while this is not an entirely secret place, it is still one the beaten path with a high solitude factor.


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