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Sharpless 171 Complex

NGC7822 & Cederblad 214



NGC 7822 (left) is a young star forming complex in the constellation of Cepheus. The complex encompasses the emission region designated Sharpless 171, and the young cluster of stars named Berkeley 59 (centered between NGC 7822 & Cederblad 214 on right). The complex is believed to be some 3000 light-years distant, with the younger components aged no more than a few million years. 

As energetic light emitted by young massive stars boils away the opaque dust, the region fragments and picturesque pillars of the remnant gas and dust form and slowly evaporate.   The energetic light from the hot young stars also illuminates the surrounding hydrogen gas, causing it to glow as a red emission nebula. 

The bright star near the center of Cederblad 214 (right side of image inside bright nebula) is +5.69 magnitude HR9104, an orange giant with a luminosity equal to 60.2 suns! 

North is to the Left!


  • Date & Location:  Sep 23/24, 2017  - StarEffects Observatory, Bernville, PA

  • Weather:  Calm/Humid, Average temperature 63F.

  • Sky Conditions:  Clear with above average transparency. 

  • SQM-L:  20:45 start - 20:61 end

  • Optics:  TeleVue NP101is Refractor 540mm @ f5.4 FF

  • Filter:  CLS-CCD Astronomic DSLR clip in  (Light Pollution Suppression)

  • Mount:  AP900GTO

  • Guiding:  Orion SSAG @ 5 second exposures w/TeleVue TV60is -- Excellent Graph

  • Camera:  Canon 6D Hutech Modified - Astronomic UV/IR Clip in Filter

  • Exposure:  180 min (30 x 6 minute subs = 180 min total) @ ISO 800 RAW using Custom White Balance

  • Calibration Frames:  12-10min Darks, 12 Bias, 10 Field Flats w/Alnitak Flat Man - All Custom White Balance

  • Processing:  Images Plus 5.75a, PS CS6, NIK filters, RC-astro

  • Comments:  I photographed Cederblad 214 in 2013, but wanted to try a wider angle view to include NGC7822 and include a good part of the Sharpless 171 Complex region. 


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