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 Kodachrome Basin State Park -  Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

October 2017

October 13, 2017

Kodachrome Basin is a spectacle of towering sandstone chimneys and monolithic structures, changing color and shadow with the days mood often forming red-tinged spires against a deep blue sky.  The color and contrast prompted the National Geographic Society in 1949, with the consent of Kodak Film Corporation, to name the park Kodachrome after the films iconic sharpness and red color.  Several hiking trails within the park take you past nearly 70 monolithic spires ranging in height from 6' to 170'. 

Grosvenor Arch - Cottonwood RoadA large sandstone arch located just off Cottonwood Road a little south of Kodachrome Basin State Park. 


Kodachrome Basin - Chimney Rock View:  This view of a sandstone ridge and spire can be found near Chimney Rock.  Red and White sandstone are the main colors seen throughout the park.


Kodachrome Basin - Monolithic Spires:.  This view can be found via a short walk west of the scenic drive that enters the park. 


Kodachrome Basin - Panoramic View:  The late day sun enhances the red sandstone colors in these towering sandstone spires. 


Kodachrome Basin - Grinch Rock Though not a named feature, we thought this prominent rock spire along the Panorama Trail looked a lot like a scowling Grinch.


Kodachrome Basin - Ballerina Spire:   Ballerina Spire is one of the more photogenic rock spires found in the park, made all the more interesting by the colorful cliffs in the background.


Kodachrome Basin - Sandstone Cone:   A curious mound of red sandstone found along the Panorama Trail.


Kodachrome Basin -  Rock Mounds:  A pair of rock mounds weathered smooth into cone shapes along the Panorama Trail.


Kodachrome Basin - Weathered Spire:  A weathered sandstone pipe located along Panorama Trail.


Kodachrome Basin - Sandstone Pipe This sandstone pipe sits in the late day shadows just off the Panorama Trail. 


Kodachrome Basin - Panorama View:  A wide landscape view showing the Ballerina Spire and a more distant sandstone pipe in front of colorful cliffs.


Kodachrome Basin - Panorama Trail View:  A late day look at the colorful rock formations and cliffs found during our hike around the Panorama Trail Loop.


Kodachrome Basin - Trail View:  An inviting look along the Panorama Trail loop.


Kodachrome Basin - Pipe & Monolith:   A well preserved white sandstone pipe and red monolith illuminate nicely in the late day sun.  Notice the stripe near the top that defines a layer of volcanic ash that fell from the sky nearly 160 million years ago.  This layer is quite evident throughout the entire region.


Kodachrome Basin - Panoramic Vista:  Another view of the sandstone pipe and monoliths found near the entrance to the park as photographed from Panorama Trail.


Kodachrome Basin - Scenic Drive:  These pipes and spires can be found driving north from the visitor center. 


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