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 Goblin Valley State Park - Utah

October 2017

October 15, 2017

The last morning of our trip was spent exploring the myriad of wonderful stone shapes that abound throughout Goblin Valley, the result from millions of years of geologic history.  The goblins are made of Entrada sandstone, consisting of debris eroded from former highlands and redeposited here on an ancient tidal flat in alternating layers of of sandstone, siltstone, and shale.  The forces of nature such as uplift and erosion by wind and water have sculpted the stone gnomes, or goblins, that inhabit the valley today. 

Goblin Valley - Wild Horse ButteThis monolithic butte is located near the entrance station to Goblin Valley State Park. 


Goblin Valley - First Valley of the Goblins:  These goblins of the first valley greet us upon our arrival.  There are no marked trails and you are free to roam the three valleys of the Goblins as you please.  The second valley of the goblins is to the left of the White Mound in the distance, and where we chose to spend our morning. 


Goblin Valley - Goblins & Butte:.  Goblins are everywhere in the first valley making it difficult to decide just which way to hike!  The goblins are rather low in the first valley, but get larger as you move up hill into the second valley.


Goblin Valley - Goblin Shapes:  Goblins take on strange shapes and seem to defy erosion, while protecting the mounds upon which they rest. 


Goblin Valley - Indian Head:   An "old west" look at an Indian Head shaped goblin and Wild Horse Butte shown in Antique Plate black & white. 


Goblin Valley - Dead End Wash:   Ascending the Second Valley of the Goblins we encountered several dead ends such as this one that was blocked by a large "choke stone".  The deep shadows here required a composite image of 5 individual exposures to bring out the beautiful color and detail that would have otherwise been hidden the shadows. 


Goblin Valley - Panorama View:   Here is a three shot panoramic composite looking back towards the First Valley of the Goblins in an attempt to give an overall "feel" of what this area has to offer the visitor. 


Goblin Valley - Going Deeper:   As you ascend deeper into the valleys the hoodoos become much taller and the pathways narrower.  I kept finding myself wanting to hike farther to see what might be around the next corner. 


Goblin Valley - Upper Canyon:  Another view of the much larger hoodoos found in the upper reaches of the valley. 


Goblin Valley - Solitary View The farther I ventured into the twists and turns of the upper reaches of the valley, the less footprints I found. 

Goblin Valley - Nancy Resting:  Nancy chilling out while awaiting my return from the upper reaches of the valley.


Goblin Valley - Valley View:  A pretty view of the valley from a small plateau above the First Valley of the Goblins. 


Goblin Valley - Goblin View:  Another view of the First Valley of the Goblins from the visitor parking area.  The two hikers on the left center of this image give scale to the size of the goblins. 


Goblin Valley - Hoodoo Figures:   This isolated grouping of hoodoos stand alone on the desert floor near the visitor parking area. 


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