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 Devil's Garden -  Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

October 2017

October 14, 2017

The sandstone formations in Devil's Garden were created, and continue to be shaped by various weathering and erosional processes. These natural processes have been shaping sandstone layers formed more than 166 million years ago during the Jurassic period.  Hoodoos, natural arches, and other sandstone formations are all easily accessible via a series of unmarked trails. 

Devil's Garden - Sandstone Duo:  Two sandstone figures stand in contrast to the surrounding landscape. 


Devil's Garden - Sandstone HoodoosAn interesting grouping of hoodoo figures appears to have been carved out of the large sandstone base.  


Devil's Garden - Sandstone Hoodoos 2:.  Another fine view of the hoodoos sitting atop a bed of sandstone. 


Devil's Garden - The "Gnomes" A grouping of Gnomes, or Trolls, appears to be keeping a watchful eye on the surrounding landscape.


Devil's Garden - Metate Arch View 1:   Metate Arch is one of two natural sandstone arches to be found in Devil's Garden.


Devil's Garden - Metate Arch View 2:   A view from the shadows beneath the arch. 


Devil's Garden - Metate Arch View 3:   A wider angle view from the shadows showing more of the sandstone arch structure.


Devil's Garden - Mano Arch View 1 Mano Arch is the other natural sandstone arch found in Devil's Garden, but is a little more difficult to photograph. 


Devil's Garden - Mano Arch View 2 A closer view of the relatively low sandstone arch.


Devil's Garden - Mano Arch View 3:  A look from below the arch.  A large block of sandstone has already calved out of the arch, hastening the time until a future collapse. 


Devil's Garden - Gnome Row A series of sandstone trolls appear as though they have been carefully balanced by mechanical means. 


Devil's Garden - Swirled SandstoneA pretty view of the striated sandstone hills and the Hoodoo filled valley near the southern end of Devil's Garden.  


Devil's Garden - Valley View:  Another pretty scene overlooking the valley and hills beyond Devil's Garden. 


Devil's Garden - Metate Arch View 4:   I took this shot of the scenic Metate Arch on our return loop around the Garden.  The arch seems to inspire regardless of the direction from which it is being viewed. 


Devil's Garden - Metate Arch View 5 Yet another view...a little closer for the sandstone details.


Devil's Garden - Metate Arch - View 6 I had to take one last photograph as we made our way back to where we started.


Devil's Garden - Departing View:  My final shot of the hoodoos, this impressive grouping is found near the parking area.


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